Our Open-Die forge produces the pre-materials for our round bars, slices, flats and emboss, which we deliver to our customers. The technology allows to control the process better and to achieve superior mechanical properties in our end products.
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ZIROM produces ingots of various alloys in 2 diameters: 470 - 480 mm (approximately 1,600 kgs net weight) and 570 - 580 mm (approximately 3,200 kgs net weight) in 2VAR, 3VAR or EBCH-1+2VAR. The ingots from Titanium sponge including master alloys are produced in the VAR furnace of the company. The company has a vast experience in the production of ingots in a variety of grades (e.g.Ti 6-4 (Grade 5),Ti 6-4 Eli (Grade 23), Ti 3-2.5 (Grade 9), Ti 6-2-4-2, Ti 6-2-4-6 and many others), including Russian grades (e.g. OT-4, OT4-1, BT1-0, VT-20).


Despite the many useful and innovative properties of Titanium, the big­gest challenge remains, that during the production cycle a lot of shav­ings and solids are being produced as well. This is caused firstly by the fact that Titanium and its alloys attract a lot of gases during melting or forging, if not processed in a protective athmosphere of Argon or Helium or in a Vacuum and, secondly, by the different shapes of pre-material, from which the finished parts have to be extracted. Fly-To-Buy ratios of 1:10 or 1:8 remain one of the biggest challenges of the industry.


As Recycling becomes more and more important, we process and recondition solids and shavings with our EB-CH to their previous condition. This helps our cus­tomers to be more competitve and to recycle their reverts in a controlled manner. With our EB-CH and a vast experience in reconditioning revert materi­als, ZIROM makes sure that the resulting material is as good as made from fresh material. ZIROM is one of the few recycling capacities in Europe.



The company conducts various tests in-house:

  • UT immersion & contact
  • Full chemical analysis
  • Metallography
  • Tensile
  • Brinell-HBW
  • Beta-transus-DTA

Any other tests, which are required by various standards and can't be conducted in-house, are being outsourced and certified by us where appropriate.


Amongst others, we produce / test / certify our products according to AMS 2631 (up to AA), AMS 2154 (up to AA), AMS 6931, AMS-T 9047, AMS 4928, AMS 4981, BS 3TA11, WL 3.7164, ISO 5832-3, ASTM F136, ASTM B 348, ASTM B 381, ASTM B 367, ASTM B 977.

Product Types & Dimensional Range

Type Dimension Range
Turned bar
Min / max diameter 80 - 425 mm
Max Length 3,000 mm
Square billet / Forged plates / Emboss for rolling
Min / max height 45 - 350 mm
Min / max width 70 - 400 mm
Max Length 1,500 mm

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